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Veterans and active duty service members exposed to explosive devices.

Hundreds of cases have already been filed on behalf of veterans. According to the Anti-Terrorism Act, Combat veterans with physical impairments from explosive devices, including IEDs, EFPs, IRAMs, and more, are eligible for compensation from the Anti-Terrorism Litigation Fund help of a skilled Combat Injury Attorney. Any veteran, service member, or civilian contractor injured due to the efforts of terrorists between 2006 and 2011 may be eligible to file a compensation claim.


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Were you within 100 yards of and IED or VEID?
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Don't leave anything on the table! You may qualify for substantial compensation!

Injuries that qualify: Broken bones, limb loss, TBI, Polytrauma, blast injuries, spinal cord injury, vision loss, PTSD.

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No FEES UNTIL YOU WIN and keep your VA benefits intact.

Free case review. If you have an injury, we have a solution.

Terrorists planted it. 
You shrugged it off.

Explosively formed penetrators (EFP) may be called many different things. Essentially the terminology has become interchangeable with IEDs and other terms. If you aren’t sure what type of device caused your injuries, our legal team can investigate this matter on your behalf. If the affected veteran is alive, the veteran will be the plaintiff in the injured veterans’ lawsuit.

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Key Decisions A Service Member Must Make

Multiple faulty products have affected millions of our service members resulting in lifelong injuries, reduced quality of life, and increased stress.


We are built to serve our community and love to hear about amazing people!


Lynna is one of the hardest-working military wives on the planet! She has built a strong network of service members that qualify for multiple mass torts in a short period.

Lynna Pace

Siannon is an amazing person and focused on impacting our veteran community. She has helped hundreds of veterans review their claims to protect their futures.

Siannon Lee

Mark is a combat veteran that delivered critical information to the community, helping hundreds of people understand their options when it comes to mass torts.

Mark Mitchell

Eddie served for over 20 years and continues to share the stories of opportunity throughout our veteran community.

Eddie Jones

Veteran Memorial Service

We are a team of founders, operators, advisors and investors.

Brought together by our extensive experience with the veteran community, we operate locally but connect on a national basis, allowing us to be closer to our service members and enabling them to benefit from programs and multi-district litigations.

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